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Indonesian Made

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation on earth. We are set to take advantage of the market through what is produced and what is being purchased locally. New products for new clients is what we are all about. 

Food & Beverage Production

We have several production centres for fruit preserves and delicacies. We are also produce a range of Spices and spice blends from around the world.

Tourism & Hositality

Our Licensed tour operations company is based in bali and partnered with a company in Java have more than 15 years in customised and tailored trips and tours.

Web Design and Development

To support our business and to others that want an exciting web presence we have our own division that creates world beating web design, development and maintenance services.

Food & Beverages 

Marmalade Spices Spice Blends

Our Food and Beverage division is up and running with our Premium Traditional Scottish Marmalade and our Spice garden. Visit them here. 

We're all about personlised service and outstanding quality.  All our divisions are done with the personal touch and all our products are hand made and 100% natural. No additives, chemicals or artificial content. 

All About the Web – Enakajah Enterprises

We decided the best way to get the best web design and development was to do it ourselves. Now we birng that same service to you.

The Design Team

Our Flagship - Eternal Pathways

Your Gateway to Paradise

Cultural Tours - Java

We have tours in Jogyakarta to see the famous Borobudur, the Prambanan Complex, the Imogiri royal complex and the stunning Ramayana Dance.

Iconic Locations

Bali is filled with Iconic locations and attractions. The famous Tanah Lot temple, the Kecak Dance, A myriad of things to see and do.

Romantic Packages

There can be nothing more romantic than a beachside sunset dinner. Treat your partner to something special and enjoy the spectacular bali Sunset.

Cultural Day Trips in Bali

Discover the wonders of participating in the cultural heart of Bali. Visit temples and join in the ritual bathing all arranged specifically for you in highly revered and little known locations.

Come and Discover the wonders of Bali and Indonesia.​

Find the wonders of INdonesia and the gateway to paradise in Bali. Your perfect vacation in Bali starts here.

Beaches and Ocean

Bali is a wonderland of beaches and water sports. We have a range of secret and specially arranged locations for you to enjoy the sea away from the hustle and bustle of the main resorts.

Hideaway Villas

All of the island there are amazing hidden away luxury villas where you can enjoy being next to nature and enjoying spectacular views, great accommodation and being pampered non-stop.


Want to experience the extreme? Something you can really brag about when you get home. Join our tours to the magnificent Mount Bromo, the blue fire of Mount Ijen and the hikes up Kintamani and viewing active Mount Agung.

It's all designed for you

All out torus are private. we only take between 1-6 ( normally 4) per vehicle and provide customized and tailored trips. Personal guides, great fun and spectacular memories for a lifetime.

Our News

Things we've be doing

New Products

Our Latest breaking news is that Fani has had a complete brainstorm and come up with some really great ideas.  We’ve been to the market and customers are pre-ordering and the distributor is wondering how she is going to cope with all the new business and products that Granny’s Kitchen is gearing up to introduce…

Branching Out

After over a year of trial and error Fani has finally got the recipes right for her Traditional Scottish Marmalade. She cooks it in small batches with all the love and sweat and tears you can imagine. Now she can produce as much as she can every day, normally around 40 bottles but all of…

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Our Partners

Enakajah Enterprises is wrapped up in doing things Indonesian. We create as much opportunity for local people and local small businesses as possible. By bringing people together we are helping to build great small cottage industries and support our communities. 

Making sure we make the best of our communities, Enakajah Enterprises devotes a lot of its time and resources working with small businesses and local people to start up their own small handicraft businesses.

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