Our Latest breaking news is that Fani has had a complete brainstorm and come up with some really great ideas. 

We've been to the market and customers are pre-ordering and the distributor is wondering how she is going to cope with all the new business and products that Granny's Kitchen is gearing up to introduce to you all. 

The big news is, of course, Fani is now in the kitchen cooking up a storm - yes a brainstorm - and finalising the the recipe for her all new and refreshing Old Celtic Lemon Marmalade. 

Yes there it is. She has searched around in some old - very old - recipes and developed her own variation of the ancient Celtic Lemon Marmalade. 

Refreshing, sharp, sweet and tangy. This is the stuff of the Gods of Bali. Truly amazing and another age old Scottish preserve. 

Now, Many of you affectionados will say that marmalade is made from Oranges not lemon. Well that may be sort of true but Our original Marmalade also contains lemons so what we have done is to reverse the recipe. 

[su_quote style="default" cite="" url="" class=""]Refreshing, sharp, sweet and tangy. This is the stuff of the Gods of Bali.[/su_quote]

Now it is mostly lemons with a touch of orange to liven it up. It's a preserve just like the orange marmalade. 

A preserve is different from Jam as it is designed to preserve the fruit by using sugar and natural pectin. A jam is where the fruit is constituted into the sugar and rarely contains large pieces of the fruit. It's not meant to. 

IN the northern Climes fruit used to be seasonal and people used to bulk buy the fruit and preserve it for use through the year. 

What Fani is doing is just the same by taking the fruit - Lemons in this case - and preserving them in sugar and pectin with a touch of orange for good measure. 

It simply amazing. If you thought the original Traditional Scottish Marmalade was great, wait until you taste this. Sharp, sweet, bitter, refreshing and a little hot all in one. 

It's coming soon and I can assure you it's worth the wait. 

We will let you know when it's out and you can order it from our distributor.