Introduction to eating in Bali Warungs

One of the first things visitors want to try out is local Balinese food. The trouble is where is it safe to eat and where to go to find the best places. 

The answers to these questions are quite easy. As far as being safe, most places are but it does not pay to look too closely at how the food is prepared or ask too many questions about what you are actually eating. Sounds dangerous doesn’t it. Well it is not exactly dangerous but it can be problematic if your stomach is not prepared. 

This site is dedicated to informing visitors, and locals alike, of some of the “Off-the-eaten-track” waring or small roadside places to catch some really excellent food from all over the country and eat with a clear mind about the food being safe. Best of all the food is usually so cheap you can hardly believe it is possible.

We have been here in Bali for more than 35 years and have seen all the differnt places there are as they have come and gone throughout the island. We have spent the last three or four years travelling around the island looking at little “Restos” or “Warungs”, as they are called and street side hand cart food stalls.

The food ranges from Sates, noodles, fried rice and soups. Almost every type of ingredients and a variety of cooking methods that create some of the best food and value for money you could possibly hope for.

What we don’t cover are restraurants and fast food places. Hotels or more formal or established places to eat. Our mission here is to help the “small operators” get the credit they are due and let you – the reader – get some really good food.

All of the palces here we have visited at least three times to verify the quality. We have also sent local freinds to eat there just to be sure that the quality and prices are the same, no matter who is visiting the places. We want to be sure that the food is the same every time, the prices are the same and that there is no “skin tax” added to the prices for tourists or foreign residents. 

So read on here and find otu what is waiting for you here in Bali when you decide to Go “Off-The-Eaten-Track.”

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